"Lah We, Lah His"
"The Strong, The Brave"

...according to news reports, the Omaha Police Department confirms there are 3,600 suspected gang members and 29 different gangs, including the notorious: Bloods, Crips, 18th Street Gang and MS-13, within Nebraska?

37th Nebraska Volunteer Militia

Our Purpose

Empowered by the state statutes of Nebraska (55-105/55-106) and the U.S. Constitution, the 37th Nebraska Volunteer Militia is a reserve unit whose purpose is to provide a trained, disciplined, uniformed force to be quickly available in defense of the State in the event of war, insurrection, invasion, disaster, terrorist or imminent danger thereof.

It is by order of the Governor of Nebraska, the Commander in Chief of the militia, will the 37th Nebraska Volunteer Militia be mobilized, or by its commanding officers where such missions do not conflict. It is the extended objective of the 37th Nebraska Volunteer Militia to organize members to quickly provide assistance to local civilians in emergency and disastrous situations, to help support the basic needs of those affected.

Our Manner

It is the common citizen that makes up the backbone of the 37th Nebraska Volunteer Militia and it is their loyalty to their fellow countrymen that drives them to success.

The 37th Nebraska Volunteer Militia is dedicated to building a tightly woven force with unwavering courage, pride and confidence to ensure success in every mission.

Each member is required to uphold themselves in a disciplined, professional manner and shall utilize utmost integrity at all times.

It is the duty of the 37th Nebraska Volunteer Militia to protect and defend the unalienable rights of all Nebraska citizens and legal members of the community. Under no circumstances will the 37th Nebraska Volunteer Militia tolerate those who advocate acts of criminal violence, terrorism, racism or a change away from our republican form of government; nor will it support any specific political party or candidate, nor espouse any particular religious denomination or doctrine.

Our Origin

According to Nebraska state statute, all able-bodied citizens between the age of seventeen and sixty are obligated to serve in the Nebraska militia and are bound to service for the State of Nebraska, with few exceptions.

The 37th Nebraska Volunteer Militia is a specific, independent group dedicated to organizing the citizens of the Nebraska militia to be ready for active duty. Obligation of service in the Nebraska militia (also known as "the draft") is dictated by the State of Nebraska, but service in the 37th Nebraska Volunteer Militia is strictly voluntary.

Our History

The history of the militia dates back to the colonial era where the mlitia served a vital role in local conflicts. Once the Revolutionary War (American War of Independence) began, the militia provided short-term support to the full-time regular army - the Continental Army. The first legislation concerning the militia was The Militia Act of 1792 which defined the age and gender of citizens who were required to be enrolled in the militia and that each member would be required to provide his own firearm.

The Militia Act of 1903 divided what had been known as the militia into what it termed the "organized" militia, to wit The National Guard, and "unorganized" militia consisting of all able-bodied males between the age of seventeen to forty-five, including a few exceptions.
The Nebraska State Statute (55-106) extended the local required age limit from forty-five to sixty years of age.